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Beauty Review: Ginger & Co.

A few weeks ago I was sent over a wonderfully generous gift from the lovely people at Ginger & co. Ginger & co brand is a 1950’s inspired British skincare brand.

|| Ginger & Co. ||

They have an extremely wide range in there quirky looking collection from bath wash to body butter, all the products you need to keep your skin silky smooth and smelling beautiful.


|| Ginger & Co. – Double Up Body Wash – £3.49 ||

Double Up: The double up body wash includes blends of ginger root, beauplex and juniper berry, which gives it a delightful fruit scent. I found that each time I have used it my skin is left feeling beautifully soft and moisturised.


|| Ginger & Co. – Soft On You Daily Body Lotion – £3.99 ||

Soft On You Daily Body Lotion:  Personally I love moisturising my skin there is something genuinely satisfying about it  . The soft on you daily body lotion has a blend of mallow, lemon balm and rose. This lotion is beautiful, its leaves skin feels soft and moisturised and dries very quickly.


|| Ginger & Co. –  Bathing Beauty Moisturising Bubble Bath and Wash – £3.99 ||

Bathing Beauty Moisturising Bubble Bath & Wash: Who doesn’t love bubbles? If I do have the time to have a bath (I always seem to be too busy to soak in the bath) I have to ensure that it is full of BUBBLES! The bathing beauty moisturising with its blend of marshmallow leather, blossom honey and lemon balm not only smelt delicious but was also quite soothing. That is definitely what a girl needs when you’re having a relaxing soak in the tub!


|| Ginger & Co. –  Hand It To Me Dreamy Handcream – £2.99 ||

Hand It To Me Dreamy Handcream:  As in the name this handcream is literally ‘dreamy’ and has to be my favourite product of the Ginger & Co. range. Being blended with mallow, lemon balm and rose it leaves your hands not only smelling deliciously sweet  but also delicately soft for hours.

Have you tried any of the Ginger & Co. products?


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