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Beauty Review: MAC Angel Frost Lipstick

Now we are all in agreement that every woman needs a trusty everyday pink shade lipstick and I do not think we have to look any further than ‘Angel’.

|| MAC CosmeticsFrost Lipstick – Angel – £15.50 ||

Not only is this shade known to be one of Kim Kardashian’s personal favourites (a massive recommendation in itself) but it also  one of MAC Cosmetics best sellers.


‘Angel’ is a stunning light-medium pink shade, which has a silver frosty shimmer to it. Though it does have a slight frosty finish, well it is called the frost lipstick, it is still creamy and doesn’t dry my lips at all.  One of the worst traits a lipstick can have is leaving your lips feeling gritty!


What I particularly adore about this lipstick, well and MAC lipsticks in general, has to be that they are incredibly pigmented and stays on your lips for a good amount of time; on average this shade stayed on for about 3-4 hours.


‘Angel’ frost lipstick is creamy, opaque colouring, moisturizing and the perfect everyday pink hue!

What are your thoughts of the ‘Angel’ shade?

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