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Beauty Review: St Moriz Instant Self Tanning

I have to admit I simply love transforming myself with a bit of fake tan into a bronzed goddess.

|| St Moriz –  Instant Self Tanning Lotion 200ml Medium– £4.99  // St Moriz –  Self Tan Application Mitt – £2.99||

When I received a bottle of the St. Moriz instant self tanning lotion I could not wait to give it a try!


How to Apply: 

When fake tanning I would advise that prior to application you exfoliate and moisturise dry areas of the skin such as your elbows and knees. The St. Moriz is pretty simple to apply you just turn flip the lid open, dispense product on to the self-tan applicator mitt and apply a small amount of lotion evenly, in a circular motion (to ensure an even streak free tan) onto the body. It felt as though as soon as it came into contact with my skin the product dried and commenced to create a beautiful bronzed colour.  For best results I always allow 4-6 hours before showering, you want to give it as much time as possible to develop.


If like me smelling like rich tea biscuits isn’t exactly your idea of a heavenly scent then you need not worry with the St. Moriz instant self-tanning product. Surprisingly the product leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean, rather than a soggy rich tea biscuit you have dunked in your tea for too long.


Streak-free finish?

Every woman’s worst nightmare…washing off your fake tan to discover that you have become a streaky not so goddess looking mess. Well, you need not fear with St. Moriz, after washing the product off I had a gorgeous streak-free bronzed glow.


Well if you are on a budget this tan is certainly purse friendly, costing only £4.99 for a 200 ml bottle. Ok, I have to be honest the price at first left me feeling a tad skeptical about how effective the tan would be…however it left me delightfully surprised. Not only did I have a beautiful sun kissed glow, but I also got it for under half of the cost I normally would pay out, what a bargain!

Have you tried any St. Moriz self-tanning products?



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    Oh really? What country are you in? It is definitely worth it for the money 🙂 xx

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