Fashion March 22, 2013

Cinderella….Proof a New Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life


// From Left to Right \

|| Zara Women Strappy Heels || £69.99  || Primark || £12.99

I fell in love with these sparkle beauts when I first laid eyes on them, although if i am being honest they were a tad pricey for Zara shoes. However, for any of those on a budget I would recommend these gems that I found in Primark  at a real steal. Plus, with these bad boys you wont have the morning after regret feeling when you discover marks and scratches on them after dancing the night away on the sordid nightclub floor.   The strappy sandals can be sometimes referred to the “Rihanna signature”, given she wears it with everything from the casual look to an evening on the razz….so you cant help but adore these simple but classic heels!


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