Life February 7, 2019

It’s OK to Say No

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Two letters. N-O. But how is it that saying such a little word can be so hard to sometimes.


The majority of us are inherently built to enjoy making others happy, whether its in your personal life or in your work environment.  However, in the fast paced world that we live in there are so many situations where you wish you would have said no, but the guilt of letting someone down takes over. Let’s be honest here, saying yes to everything can not only be stressful but also send you to the brink of a burnout!

Saying no doesn’t make you rude or selfish.

The hardest thing for me had to be the thought that if i said no that particular person would no longer like me, I guess its in our nature to want to be liked. I had to come to accept that you can not control everyone’s opinion of you. To be honest if they feel this way because I have taken the decision to put my needs first then it would be their loss not mine. Although it depends on the circumstance I do believe that self – care is not always selfish!

Its OK to say no, but don’t stop saying yes.

Now, don’t misinterpret this as a way to be a recluse or avoiding every single situation which you don’t feel comfortable with. At times saying yes, even when you are not 100% sure, and leaping into situations outside of your comfort zone can be great!


How have you been able to stop saying yes all time?

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