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LW ‘Darker Than Dark Tan’ Review

Darker than Dark Lauren's Way Fake Tan set

Laurens Way Body Polish

Darker than Dark Lauren's Way Fake Tan

Laurens Way Enhancing Tan Moisturizer

|| LW ‘Body Polish‘ (250 ml) – £11.95 // LW ‘Darker than Dark’ Glam Tan (250 ml) – £19.95 // LW  ‘Tan Enhancing Moisturiser’ (250 ml) – £11.95 ||

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to not only go to the Lauren’s Way ‘Darker than Dark’ launch party (seen in previous post – click here) but also received a bottle of the tan itself. Like many others I love having sun-kissed skin all year round, I always feel better with a tan as it gives your skin a lovely glow, so I was really excited to try this tan out! Generally, I have heard quite positive comments about this tanning product, such as it giving a lovely colour, but I wanted to see for myself how truthful it was.

Firstly, I was told to 24 hours before I prepare my skin with the LW ‘Body Polish, which to be honest I never do normally. All you do is massage it into your skin, when you are in the bath; taking particular care to dry areas (elbows, knees, ankles and feet) so it can gently remove dead skin cells. After exfoliating, I smoothed a very thin layer of LW ‘Tan Enhancing Moisturiser’ all over my body, this is meant to keep skin well-nourished and moisturised for a natural looking tan.  Just before tanning I applied another thin layer of it to dry areas and my hairline.

LW ‘Darker than Dark’ is a spray bottle (although it does come as a lotion and a mousse), which is an advantage; as it gives that freshly sprayed tanned look and makes application with the mitt provided so much easier. Maybe it is just me but the smell of the tan itself is important; my other tan always leaves me smelling like rich tea biscuits all night. But not with Lauren’s Way it actually gives a fresh aroma.

 Darker than Dark Lauren's Way Fake Tan

|| Colour of the Tan ||

In terms of colour, it is not the dreaded orange colour; it is a really, really, deep brown. At first it can be a tad scary when you see the intensity of the colour sprayed on the mitt as it does look EXTREMELY dark. But once it has been washed off (remember only after a minimum of 8 hours) it gives you an incredible “I have just been on an amazing beach holiday” radiant tan. Bear in mind though that you really don’t need to apply a lot for a perfectly intense colour.

 Darker than Dark Lauren's Way Fake Tan

||  Comparison : Right – No Tan ~ Left With ‘LW Darker than Dark’ Tan ||

I have been wearing this tan for a few days now and only now do I need to start moisturising, it hasn’t flaked off as of yet, which I am really impressed with. I think this may be because not only did I used the body polish but also the enhancing moisturizer prior to tanning, which really has helped to prolong my tan. You can use both products in between self-tan applications or as an everyday moisturiser; however I am simply using it every other day to give my skin an extra bronzed glow!

Now onto a more important question for us penny savers, the cost, yes for a bottle of theDarker than Dark Spray Tan it is £19.95, ‘Tan Enhancing Moisturiser’ is £11.95, ‘Body Polish’ is £11.95; I know what you’re thinking…that’s a lot of money. Then again to be honest it’s not as bad as it seems, the product does gives you a gorgeous golden colour, not a tacky orange streaky tan. We have all had a few fake tan disasters in our time, which is normally £10.00 down the drain and walking around looking like you should be in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Also spray tans cost at least £15.00, and when a tan like this gives you the same immaculate finish as a spray tan and you can use it over and over, I find that it helps to justify the price.

One bit of advice, as you can probably tell by the name, the ‘Darker than Dark’ tan is the darkest in the range and is a great if you prefer an intense colour. I would say if you desire a more ‘natural slight glow look’ or have extremely light skin only uses the tan for weekends, it’s not really for everyday use.

Generally speaking, I am really impressed with all of these products, the tan takes minutes to apply and seconds to dry. It’s easy, you don’t need to apply a lot and the colour is really intense yet perfectly dark brown, which is great for someone like me, who has olive skin and loves to be bronzed 365 days a year.

 LW ‘Darker than Dark is now available on our high streets in Superdrug, so why not give it a try?

What are your thoughts on the new LW ‘Darker than Dark’ tan?


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