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ModelCo Eyeliner Pencil with In-Built Sharpener

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|| ModelCo. Eyeliner Pencil with In-Built Sharpener – £11.00 ||

Once again I am scouring everywhere including my nephews pencil cases for that sacred sharpener. Yes, my eye liner pencil is in dire need of some SLC otherwise known as ‘Sharpening, Love and Care’. Even when I find a sharpener it always seems end in misery, as it chews up my poor eyeliner giving it jagged horrid edges or causing it to become even MORE blunt.

Well the lovelies at the company ModelCo., an Australian Beauty brand, have come with a fantastic yet simple idea to make this problem a thing of this past. I received recently with my copy of April’s ‘Glamour Magazine’ the ModelCo. eyeliner pencil with a built in sharpener – why has no one ever thought of a great yet simple idea beats me!

It is straightforward to use, all you have to do to sharpener your pencil is leave the lid on and rotate the pencil…simple and it does really work. One thing I didn’t find that positive was that the left over sharpening’s, as they don’t have anywhere to go so I would advise sharpening in the vicinity of a bin!

This is a fab product by ModelCo. allowing you to define your eyes at any time without having to go on a Dora Explorer mission for a sharpener.

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  • Reply cafebiblioart July 11, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    an amazing idea. I have a great YSL sharpener from one of my pencils, but I keep losing it. They should definitely apply this concept!

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