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Old Wives Tail Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil

Old Wives Tail Melado hair growth oil|| Old Wives Tail Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment – £9.99 ||

I was contacted a few months ago by the lovely people at Old Wives Tail to try out their melado organic hair growth oil treatment. So who are Old Wives Tail? Well, they are a small hair care company selling handmade organic hair care products.  I have so much love for this company; mainly due to their lifetime goal of eradicating animal testing in the beauty industry, a topic that is extremely close to my heart.  Below are my thoughts after using the Melado organic hair growth oil treatment for a few weeks.

Packaging: The Melado oil comes in a simple circular plastic tub, the one issue I did have with the packaging it that I struggled to get the product out of the tub. As its an oil I think it should have a pump to make it easier to get to the product. Nevertheless, I really adored the fact that the product came with a sweet note explaining everything about it; from its ingredients to directions for use – very cute touch.

Scent: Ok, but does it smell good? I can’t stand hair products that smell like you are burning plastic or have no scent at all. A woman’s hair should smell like freshly picked flowers and goodness. And this is exactly what the Melado Oil treatment offers, given that it uses all lovely organic products, one being lavender oil, leaving your hair with the most beautiful fresh smell.

How to use: It is quite simple to use, all you have to do is massage the oil into your damp hair and leave it on for an hour – I would suggest make a tea and watch an episode of Gossip Girls. Then just rinse your hair with fresh water and shampoo. After shampooing, use conditioner on the ends of your hair, rinse it out thoroughly – Easy! They do advise that if your hair is in a really bad condition, what I name the “tumbleweed condition”, then try to use the oil twice a week leaving it on overnight wrapped in a warm towel.

I love the fact that this oil not only can stimulate nourished growth but can also help frizz and split ends. After blow drying I would rub a tiny drop into the palms of your hands and smooth through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Perfect to smooth out your out of control hair.

MothLoves Monica Barbosa ||After Picture of My Locks||

Has it worked?: The question on everyones lips….has it actually given my hair the kick that it needed and made it grow? Well, thats hard to say…I am not rapunzal-est as of yet (I have decided to put the crown and Disney princess dress on hold for the moment), but let us be completely honest no one can expect it to be a miracle worker. But what this lovely little oil has done is give my hair the moisture that it had been craving for so long – I am going to continue with the treatment as my hair seems to be much healthier and stronger since using it.

Cost: I think that the cost of £9.99 is quite reasonable, given that in the shops products similar to the Old Wives Tail treatment range from around £15.00 to £32.00.

Overall, I  think that my hair has loved using the Melado organic hair growth oil treatment. It feels so much softer and thicker to the touch, just healthier in general. So if you want to nourish your hair back to life, the Latino way (is there any other way?), then this gorgeous organic oil is definitely for you.

What treatments do you use to show your hair love?

Mothloves x

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