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Let’s Glow Tropic Instant Glow Review

Who doesn’t love the golden glow of bronzed skin. I feel that we should all embrace our natural skin. However, being part of a Portuguese family, our olive sun-kissed glow is part of who we are. Unfortunately, the lack of all year-round sunshine that comes hand in hand with living in the UK my skin hasn’t been able to enjoy a natural golden glow in a long while.

Over the years, I have suffered my fair share of tanning mishaps. From streaky legs, dry patches of skin, the very noticeable part of your leg you missed (which at the time seemed fine) and of course the ‘you’ve been tangoed’ hands. Be honest, who hasn’t?

Let’s Glow

When the lovely people at Tropic asked if I would like to try out their latest ‘Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum’, how could I say no? Skincare meets tanning, what’s not to like!

I am a bit of a Tropic fan girl; mainly because of their mission to create natural, cruelty free products (amen!) that are also good for your skin (or in this case mine!). When they mentioned that the new serum was not only an instant tan, but it had a new improved formula that was water resistant, I couldn’t wait to commence the bronzing!


Biscuit O’Clock Or Not?

Let’s start with the fragrance. As we all know too well; tanning planning (good rhyme) usually neccesitates spending hours smelling like expired hobnobs (other biscuit brands are available), not fun.

I am always on the move, as most of us are nowadays. With no extra time on my hands to recover a stinky tan, scent is quite important when choosing which product to use. Instant Glow gives quite a sweet Summer scent on skin, meaning that you can go out right after applying.

With coffee butter and arnica extract that reduces the appearance of bruises and scars – which is especially great for someone who is as clumsy as I am! What I love about this tan is the noticeable goodness that is in the formula. Nutritional effects of vitamins E and C and shimmery gold mica particles gave my skin tone an even look.

II Skin Colour Before Applying Instant Glow II

Application is the Key

I have really found that achieving streak-free natural looking tanning results depends not only on the tan itself, but also on application.  Applying Instant Glow without becoming patchy is relatively easy. Simply buff the tan (one or two pumps, a little seems to go a long way!) in to the skin in upward motions with the tanning mitt or your hands ‘et voila’ you are ready to go.

II Skin Colour After Applying Instant Glow II

Moment of Truth

Here it is, the moment of truth, has the new formula increased water resistance as Tropic promised? Or did my beautiful glow melt away in the unpredictable British Summer time weather?

Well I can confirm that to test Instant Glow; yes, I did jump in the shower (but didn’t use any body wash!), well if you are going to test it you must do it right, Tropic are true their word. Afterwards I did notice that I had lost a little bit of bronze colouring, but there were no streaks or patches. Winning!

I have to admit I was a little nervous of using an instant tanning product; as I’ve said I have had my fair of share of past mishaps, but I absolutely love the new Instant Glow. It gave me a great bronzed colour, it didn’t go all patchy after getting wet and I didn’t have to smell like a digestive biscuit for the day. It was so easy to apply, I will be definitely be using it when I am on the go and can’t wait to try the rest of the Tropic tanning products. You can find Tropic’s whole natural tanning range here.


Do you use tanning products? Have you ever tried any of the Tropic tanning  range? Let me know your experiences?!




* Please note this blog post was sponsored by Tropic Skincare – however, all views conveyed are my own.

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