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WeAreFsvtl with Rocket Dog

We Are Fsvtl has been named one of the best dance music festivals you will ever attend. It normally takes place on the last weekend in May in Upminster; it brings together some of the world’s biggest names in electronic dance music for over 50,000 eager music lovers.


A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to head over to We Are Fstvl with the lovelies at Rocket Dog, in boho festival attire and fruity summer time beverages in hand I was ready to dance the day and night away.  To my delight Rocket Dog even provided me with the perfect footwear for any festival, the STASSI boot in black. The STASSI boot are not only super comfortable, but I felt that they were the safest bet with the unpredictable British weather.


The festival it self was bigger than I could have imagined, it consisted of 5 zones: Ancient Realm, WHSE District, Favela Fiesta, Disco Tropics VIP and Island Hideaway. Each zone was more magically than the other, however my favourite had to be the Disco Tropics VIP. It featured palm trees, tiki heads, disco balls, a private bar and of course hot tubs; what more can you possibly ask for from a VIP zone!?


I have to admit the main act that made my day had to be the legend that is Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim). As the sun began to slowly go down he commenced his incredible headlining set, which I can hand on heart say it was…UNREAL and UNFORGETTABLE. Not only did he play some of his classic number one hits; EAT, SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT, Right Here Right Now, these are naming but a few. Fatboy Silm end the perfect evening the only way that anyone could; he let off confetti cannons into the crowd covering us in pink paper and who doesn’t love a bit of glittery pink confetti?


Thank you again for Rocket Dog for this amazing experience and I can not wait to see what We Are Fsvtl 2017 brings!

Are you going to any festivals this year?


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