Life December 20, 2018

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Will Do You No Favours

At some point in our lives we have all done it; compared our lives and our selves in general to another person. Whether its that Instagram socialite that you can’t help but stalk, an old school friend on Facebook who seems to have the perfect life or a work colleague that always seems to be one step ahead.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

From a personal perspective, I noticed the more time I spent wasting my energy focusing on other people’s lives and successes – especially ones which had no relevance to my own – I completely ignored all I had. Naturally, this would cause anyone to slowly feel less satisfied with parts of your life, as if you are always a few steps behind everyone else. This is not only draining but also soul destroying.

You are enough. 

Comparing yourself to others doesn’t necessarily make you strive to improve your current life; which if it did it would be a great thing. It puts the focus on the wrong person. Instead it makes us feel worthless and that what we have achieved in our lives isn’t good enough.

I am no expert, but I do know that realising that you don’t have to compare the life you have to others can only make a positive impact on your life. We all enjoy our lives at different paces and there is nothing wrong with that! We all have our own little journey to go through. So don’t spend the one that you have concentrating on others.

Do you ever find yourself comparing your life to others?

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